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Production Masterclasses

Our personalised Masterclasses are designed specifically for those who have produced music previously, or have had signings, but are now looking to perfect their techniques to aim for the larger labels.

You will have a series of personal one to one designed sessions with a professional to help you perfect your techniques covering subject such as advanced production techniques, sound design, building grooves, or something more specific to your chosen genre.

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Take your music to the next level

If you feel you’re proficient at most elements of writing and producing music but struggle on some concepts or want to learn how to polish your skills, these courses are aimed at you. You can select the topic/technique that you feel your production skills need strengthening in.

Then with your instructor, you can review your current knowledge and proceed to focus on your weaker areas to develop them into better sounding records. These sessions are intense and only recommended for the more proficient producer, but if the techniques are implemented it will result in you producing not only better quality music, but also faster.

Advanced Courses

What to expect

How the course works


Flexible Modules

You select the module that you want to cover. If you are unsure then reach out to us and we would be happy to help guide you.


The Reference Text

Before the course starts, you’ll receive a free paperback copy of the award winning Dance Music Manual textbook through the post.


The Work Schedule

The sessions will be booked in advance with the appropriate break between each session for you to practice the technique being mastered.


Mentor Reviews

You will review your progress at the start of each session to ensure you reach the course target.


Self Study

Throughout the course you will be expected to practice techniques and skills demonstrated in the mentoring sessions and then review them with your mentor.


Supporting Materiel

To enhance your learning you will be given access to 2 learning platforms for a period of 6 months.

Advanced courses

The Course Options

Each course has different lengths depending on the topic. Sessions are 1 hour long personal zoom sessions and they range for 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

General Production – 12 Part Course £1595

You know production and can write a track but it’s missing that magic production element to make it sound professional. Throughout this course, we’ll pinpoint where the problems are and correct them so they’re ready to submit to the larger labels.

Creating Groove – 6 Part Course £795

The drums and bass are the foundations of a great dance music track, so here you can learn the production ethics and secrets behind building infectious grooves and hard hitting drums that’ll breathe life into your music.

Sound Design – 12 Part Course £1595

Sound Design is one of the major sticking points with many artists and producers. For this course, we’ll walk through how to design great sounds, how to ensure they fit within your genre and mix, and how to use processing and effects.

Arrangement – 8 Part Course £1095

We can examine your releases and the methods you have used for arrangement, and you can learn how to improve them. You will learn how to perform this task with speed helping you remain creative throughout the track building process. Note: You will be expected to use a track you have already produced as an example for this course.

Your Genre – 3-12 Part Course From £395

You select the genre and then spend 6 weeks with a professional that has written, produced, mixed and mastered in almost every genre over the last 30+ years. You can spend up to 12 weeks learning the in depth tricks and tips for a specific genre and how to improve your music.

Tips and Tricks – 6 Part Course £795

You know the music, the production and the genre but you’re just interested in learning some new production and mixing tricks, this is the course for you. Over a period of 6 weeks we will cover the all important techniques that you may be missing.

How to Listen – 2 Part Course £260

The most important technique for any professional producer is the ability to listen like a professional. This 2 week course will walk through how the professionals listen to music. This course will greatly improve the music you produce.

Your Choice – 2-12 Part Course Starting Price £260

If you’re unsure where you’re struggling or simply want specific help in certain areas of your production, you can apply for the “choice” course. We will cover any topics you feel may be struggling with. Contact us for more information.

Production Masterclasses

Starting from £260 Payment plans available.

  • Personalised one on one mentoring by an industry professional on a topic of your choice
  • Free Copy of the Dance Music Manual
  • Over 300 hours of supporting videos
  • Access to ear training platform.
  • Techniques applied to your music as you learn
  • Reviews of your progress with your mentor
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