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This is a very exclusive opportunity to learn production from a professional, highly successful team. The courses are all designed to work with you, enhancing your strong points and focusing on strengthening any weaknesses. They all consist of personalised one to one sessions, so we have limited availability on all courses.

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  • Due to the personalised nature of the courses, there are limited places and you must apply for a course.
  • Please give as many relevant details as possible, this will help us provide you with a better service.
  • Please ensure your contact details are correct and that you can receive emails from us (check your spam).
  • We will review your application and reply within 7 days.
  • Due to the limited nature of these courses, you may be accepted but placed on a waiting list.

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Please carefully read and complete the form below. You do not have to answer all questions but the more information you provide, the better we can design a course that will help you achieve the best results.