Electronic Dance Music

EDM On-Site Training

While most commercial studios focus on rock, pop or classical our studios are designed for EDM featuring both modern and iconic gear.

You can attend our studio to learn your craft. Spend time dedicated just to you with an award winning producer covering the topics you feel you need help with.


Rare and Exclusive Opportunity

It’s well known in the industry that the fastest and most productive way to learn music production is to sit with a professional.

So why not spend time spend time in our world leading EDM studio, sat next to an award winning, Apple certified mastering engineer and producer while he teaches you the topics you want to know more about.

Bring a track to mix and master, or one that you have hit a brick wall with, or just learn about sound design or any topics you feel you need to strengthen. Or come to use some of the iconic hardware that most of your plug-ins are based on.

You can choose from just 1 day to a couple of weeks.

EDM On-Site Training

What to expect

EDM On-Site Training


You can choose from 1 day up to 2 weeks.

You get to choose the topic for the day. If you are unsure the length of time required to work on your project or a topic, ask and we can advise you. Listed below are a few possibilities…

Create A Track

You can attend the Studio to write a track from scratch. You can have the services of the team to help and guide you through the process, alongside all the hardware you might need, so that when you return home you are able to implement the skills you learnt.

Use Hardware

We all use plugins but sometimes we dream of buying an iconic piece of hardware but you want to experience it first. Spend a day at the studio learning about a piece of hardware and how you would use it in your productions.


While hardware is great, we still need plugins in a modern studio. You can learn how to use Plugins to achieve professional results, and even compare them to the hardware.


Altar is a highly creative environment and you’ll find it often helps to be in such a place when you are working on a track. We can help you over come a creative block and then you will be able to return to your studio with new ideas.

General Engineering

Sometimes we just need them refreshing and this is a great place to hone those skills. You will learn the engineering theory that is relevant to an EDM producer. How to apply it to production and the short cuts that will help with your productions and your creativity.

Sound Design

One of the most important areas is sound design and how to identify a good sound for your productions. You’ll learn the vital skills and short cuts to great sounds so that you are able to produce tracks faster.

Mixing & Mastering

Learn how to mix and master music to a professional level, listening through state of the art quantum converters and full range monitors in a treated environment.

Exclusive Day(s)

Spend a day or more in a professional world class EDM Studio with an experienced producer to help you.

Use and hear the hardware that many EDM producers only ever get to use as plugins.

You decide on the topic and we will spend the day/s ensuring you learn the correct techniques to help improve and speed up your own productions.

You don’t have to share your time with anyone else, days are booked solely to you.

EDM On-site Training

Starting at £350

  • Personalised one on one mentoring with an award winning industry professional.
  • Time in a working Professional EDM Studio.
  • Access to iconic EDM Hardware
  • A structured training day, designed to help you succeed.
  • Free Copy of the Dance Music Manual (might even get the man himself to sign it for you)
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